On To Round Two/Valentine’s Day is an Asshole Part Two…

Well, sadly our first real medical attempt at having a baby did not work. Which, in perfect time, we found out on Valentine’s day. We also decided that we’re not celebrating Valentine’s day anymore. I don’t think we have ever really had a good V-day. Every other day of the year with my husband is  better than February 14th usually is.

I won’t go into details because it’s fairly depressing.

I haven’t been writing much because I haven’t been inspired to write. I blame my current state of domesticity. I have become some kind of cleaning robot. My brain is shut off for most of the day, some of the rest of the time I am busy shopping which only takes a few brain cells and the remainder I am fully engaged in spending time with Louie.

We’re gearing up for our second round of IUI, only 2 more chances at that and then I think we’re ready to start talking IVF. We will see.

The only thing I plan on doing differently is not walking on egg shells for an entire month. I spent so much time trying not to stress myself out that I think I started to stress out from lack of stimulation and boredom. This time I think I’ll just continue life as normal, because as Louie likes to remind me that my life is “a continuous vacation”. I can’t argue with him. I did some laundry then fell asleep on the recliner watching Swamp People this morning.

Ok fine. I’m lying about the laundry.

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