I have entered the dreaded two-week-wait. The frustrating two weeks where maybe just maybe my body cooperates and everything works out perfectly and then we have a little Louie running around in 9 months. A little turtle faced baby, with huge ears and blonde hair and big green eyes. Or, it could end in a week long rage I like to call “the rein of terror” because Louie ends up hiding with Shelby under the guest bed while I cry and scream about how everyone hates me while eating a large cheesecake, sitting on the kitchen counter wearing a tiara and a tutu and watching old episodes of Friends. Or something like that.

Sometimes I like to imagine my life is just like the movie Clueless. Where everyone is spoiled and feather pens and platform sandals are still in style, and I end up with Paul Rudd at the end.

My own personal Paul Rudd. He sure can wear a suit!

If you know Louie personally, you’ll understand why he reminds me of Paul Rudd. There is a scene from every movie Paul Rudd is in that reminds me of Louie. He also kind of looks like Paul Rudd, with his beautiful dark hair and laid back demeanor. I may or may not have yelled out “Paul” during sex… but that is neither here nor there. I love Louie and I love Paul Rudd and I think that I should show you some clips, so that you can get a better picture of what I’m talking about.
Example 1: I Love You, Man
90% of the things that come out of Louie’s mouth are awkward statements. Sometimes I think he’s kidding, that he’s trying to be intentionally awkward to make me laugh. Other times I’m sure that he has no idea he’s being hilarious. This movie in more than one way reminds me (and everyone that knows him) of Louie. He doesn’t have many friends, he considers me his best friend, that should show you how many friends he has. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called my friends on speaker phone and been caught telling them things that he wishes I would have kept to myself. Also, I call him Joben at least once a day.
Example 2: Clueless
This is almost exactly what our marriage is like. I wear purple jeans and like to shop but pretend like I’m smart, while he knows exactly what he’s doing with his life and would wear flannel shirts and Levi’s every day if I didn’t intervene. He stutters when he’s trying to backtrack after saying something he shouldn’t have, it’s the cutest thing in the world. He’s the anchor, the stable one, the only person who really sees beyond my exterior and loves me for that. 
Example 3: Anchorman
We quote Anchorman daily, and usually it has to do with burnt hair and indian food. All of Louie’s co-workers consider him to be “the exception” (think He’s Just Not That Into You, rules vs. exceptions, which is absolutely obnoxious that they think so highly of him. BTW they call him “Mr. President”, like… seriously? Way to boost his ego, I have to bring him down a few notches every night just so he’ll stop stealing my blowdryer every morning.) and I think that if he wore Sex Panther to work, they would bask in the glory of him, even if he smelled like Big Foot’s dick.
Example 5: I Love You, Man… again.
“Well hey there Miss Money Pussy, wanna jump on my jet pack?”… Enough said.

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