For the past few weeks I have been decidedly lazy. I have about 5 blog posts in draft mode because I just can’t seem to pull it together. 
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done things. Here is a list of productive thing’s I’ve done lately.
-I went to San Francisco, which was awesome, even though I almost didn’t make it. Huge accomplishment. (This view is from the rooftop of Louie’s cousin’s house. It was AMAZING and the weather was perfection).
-And I’ve done a TON of reading (scholarly reading, not funisies reading- big difference).
– I cleaned our room. 
So, our house. Our house is awesome. The people who owned it before us pretty much customized every single room. Weird ceilings, lots of wood work, nothing seems to fit just right. They were an older couple with kids, born and raised in good old East County. To give you a picture of what we’ve been working with, their names were Bud and Dolly. Still trying to convince Louie that Dolly is the perfect name for our future child. 
We’ve been here for almost a year, but it doesn’t feel that long at all. I’ve never been good at making things look pretty. I dislike fervently things that are matchy-matchy. My “style” (if you can even call it that) is more “eclectic” (read: I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, and I don’t care). This little picture pretty much sums up our house in a nutshell. Notice the beautiful lava rock that surrounds both sides of our fireplace. Very 1970’s. Random pictures, a golf trophy, a box of ashes that belong to Bear, some weird paper balls I found on clearance at Michael’s and a wooden saying about love that I found at Ross. When we get super rich one day, we’re definitely hiring an interior designer. 
 Some people think that gives our house character, other’s probably think I’m a lazy homemaker who doesn’t spend enough time planning out every room. To that I say, suck it. I might not spend my days planning what is going to go on every single wall of my house, but I did totally organize Louie’s clothes. Check this out.
He gave me the best compliment of my life when he saw it. He asked if his mom came up and helped me! His mother is incredibly clean and organized, basically the total opposite of me. So, that was pretty awesome. 
Anyway, here’s a list of not so productive things I’ve done in the past few weeks.
-Spent too much time at the pool. But how could I not want to hang out these cute faces in the amazingly warm and sunshiny pool??
– Watched FAR too much TV. Like, embarrassing amounts. Don’t judge me. Because who could possibly resist Magic City? Just look at these guys. 
– I may or may not have spent at least an hour googling pictures of Mark Wahlberg while watching Contraband. Colossal waste of time? Maybe… if you’re fucking blind.

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